Zombie Uprising brings you the Zombie Apocalypse in all its terrifying glory.  You will be given one gun per team member and must make your way through the outbreak zone. Along the way you will meet other characters who will develop with the story of the experience, as well as the Zombies, whose only mission is to quench their hunger and infect you.

Your role is vital. Once you reach the rally point, you will be thoroughly briefed, given and guided through the outbreak zone to command central. At that point your team will receive weapons training and be dropped off in the epicentre of the live outbreak zone and left alone to deal with the victims of the zombie infection. Remember, don’t get infected as there are consequences.  In short, you can expect adrenalin driven adventure based on instinct.

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No Hints, No Help, No Mercy, One Weapon!

There has been a mass viral contamination. The government has acted to prevent the virus from spreading and you are now in an official quarantine zone. The UK is no longer safe, but there is hope. A movement of survivors calling themselves the ‘Uprising Resistance’ have banded together to fight the zombie infection and prevent the beginning of the zombie earth. You are now one of them. .

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Prepare yourself; this is not going to be a walk in the park.  With resources limited and information scarce the responsibility is on you to work with the rest of the survivors to achieve your mission and stop the end of days. But be ready for a few surprises along the way as you get pushed to your physical and mental limits… 

The walking dead have taken over the site. It’s up to you to battle them. Remember, be tactical as ammo is limited. What’s more there is Intel suggesting the Zombies cannot be killed. They merely mutate and regenerate and wake up hungrier, faster and stronger. We guarantee blood, gore and fear… Will you make it out alive?


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